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The Fastest Ever……

The McLaren F1 series is the fastest sports car ever created by Mclaren Automotive industries can expose as a Fighter Jet.

Mclaren F1

Mclaren F1


With the V12 6.1liter (6064cc) engine build by motorsports unit of BMW , which is 14 % extra influential and 16kg heavier than previous specification. The unique specification of Mclaren F1 is based on 6.1Liter V12 engine,550 bhp (410Kw),600mm (23.6) block length and net mass of 550 Ib (250kg).


All of the advanced top speed cars develop required stimulation to achieve their individual top speeds – But among them it makes the Mclaren F1 the fastest logically desired production car in the world.


1.7 seconds 0-30 mph

3.2 seconds0–60 mph

6.7 seconds0–100 mph

9.4 seconds 0–124.28 mph (200.01 km/h)

11.6 seconds 1/4 mile

Top speed

With rev limiter on: (372 km/h) 231 mph

With rev limiter off: (391 km/h) 243 mph


Testing acceleration program around a skidpad (vehicle cornering test program) of 200 ft the standard F1 Mclaren performs 0.86 G, compare to Ferari Enzo 1.15 G and Saleen 0.99G.

Another cornering program known as Slalom Test, the standard F1 can achieve64.5 miles/hour (103.8km/h)


On the 0-60mph break testing program the Mclaren F1 can achieve to a total pause position in 127 ft (39m) subsequent to 2.8 seconds, compare to Saleen 125ft and Ferrari Enzo 109 ft at the same time line.

Time Trial

Time trial,Tsukuba Circuit :1:04:62.Complete lap

Time trial, Bedford Autodrome West Circuit, 1:21.20 on a complete lap, which is faster than the Ferrari Enzo at 1:21.30.

Race Track

Millbrook Proving Ground in Bedfordshire Race track: 2-mile (3.2 km) An standard speed of 195.3 mph (314.3 km/h), with a top speed of 200.8 mph (323.2 km/h)

MIRA, banked circuit race track: 2.82-mile (4.54 km) A standard speed of 168 mph (270 km/h), with a highest speed of 196.2 mph (315.8 km/h)

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Cadillac Reloaded….

The mesmerizing exhibition of Cadillac was done brilliantly in the movie “The Matrix Reloaded”.


Cadillac CTS 2008

In 2007 General motors launched the latest CTS models at North American International Auto show for 2008 selling auto products. The basic model attributes a 3.6-liter erratic valve timing V6 engine with 258 hp (192 kW) and 252 lb·ft (342 N·m) of torque. The second edition has recommended, a latest 3.6-liter direct-injection V6 VVT engine with 304 hp (227 kW) and 274 foot-pounds force (371 N·m) of torque with standard unleaded gas.. The 6-speed Hydra-matic 6L 50 automatic programs are also offered on all models. Some changes have been made on suspension, breaking, steering of standard CTS models due to new launch of CTS-V edition.
The modifications of 1st generation CTS contains 9-spoke, 18-inch wheels encircle larger high-performance brake calipers and rotors and side air pads positioned ahead of the front entrances.

The basic features are available in CTS model includes:

V8, 3.6-Liter engine

Wheels base 17-inch

Remote control start system

40 GB Hard disc

5.1 Digital encircle audio system by BOSE

Upcoming news data & Navigation tracker

LED headlights

Circulate air seats

Auto tire pressure monitor

Scratch resistance external paints

I-Pod integration

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See the most popular……Mercedes CLK 500



The clk 500 copue is becoming the passion of life style for it’s updated features. With the new V8 engine the clk500 can create 285kW/338hp as well as a pleasure like a sports car.

The recently urbanized 5.5-litre V8 engine have a climax torque of 530 Nm , permitting the CLK500 to convey a better presentation. It’s takes a speed of 0-62mph with in 5.9 seconds, though the highest speed is 250 km/h as per electronic parameters. In spite of the 25% per cent increases in power, NEDC integrated oil usage remains at a remarkable 11.4 11.5 l per 100 km.

The new up gradation features are also available on Clk models:

Multicontour leather package seats,

Scratch resistance metallic paint finish,

Electronic steering wheels with budge paddles,

Automatic transmission system,

Eight cylinder petrolengined editions with an automatic program possess the particular 7G-Tronic Sport seven transmissions.

At outside 18inch alloy wheels, dual tail pipes, with the aero basic suspension and front discs break compose the clk 500 model more impressive to ride.

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Mercedes-Benz SLK-Class Coupe

Future coupe

Mercedes benz slk55am

The SLK55 AMG built with V8 (M113) engine. The M113 5.5 is a 5.4 L (5439 cc) edition with the equal 97 mm bore as the E500 but with an extensive 92 mm stroke. Productivity is 342 hp to 367 hp (255 kW to 270 kW) at 5500 rpm with 382 ft.lbf to 391 ft.lbf (510 Nm – 530 Nm) of torque at 2800-5400 rpm.

0-62 mph (100 km/h) estimated at 4.9 seconds but others have claimed times of less than 4.3 seconds.

Amplified brake capability.

Supplementary engine oil chiller.

Subordinated/congealed suspension (springs, shocks,)

AMG body gear, with unique gills in frontage bumpers

Leather finished interior (Napa)

Customized AMG 7G-tronic program

Permanent carbon fibre cover

19-inch wheels

Carbon fibre trunk

Carbon fibre door plate

Roof regulator: Permits roof to be released and closed by remote.(Can be operated under 5mph) and while driving without holding down the button. (Roof can only be operated less than 5 MPH from the factory).

LED light system: plate lights, signal indicators, etc. The Brake lights are previously LEDs, but now Indicators on the Rearview mirror are LEDs.

CHMSL Light (Third Brake Light): Enlighten the axis LED light in pause or rhythm.

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Mercedes-Benz Sendan…..



The Mercedes-Benz W221 is an outsized magnificence sedan built by Mercedes-Benz. There are two alternative of the W221 S-Class (S65/S63). The S65 also attributes the M275 6.0 liter, biturbo V12 engine; the engine fabricates 612 hp (622 PS/450 kW) and 730 pound-feet (1000 Nm) of torque. Another AMG model is the S63 AMG. This model includes parallel alterations as the S65 AMG, M156 6.2 liter V8 engine, which creates 525 bhp (391 kW) and 465 pound-feet (630 Nm) of torque.

Available features:

Brake support Plus – an elective classification created to allocate brake pressure based on pedal speed and distance between the vehicle and substance.

Pre-Safe – an improvement of the preceding Pre-Safe system fitted to the W220 S-Class, which uses vehicle-dynamic sensors to forecast collisions.

Electronic Stability Program (ESP) – analogous to the systems built-in to other Mercedes cars, this system procedures driver inputs and evaluates these to the vehicle’s way.

Harman/kardon Logic (7) stereo music system with 14 amplifiers, in-dash CD changer and PC Card slot

Protectorate navigation classification with Hard-drive based GPs

Tele assist uses GPS tracker and cell phone service to offer assistance.

Night vision support – elective, uses two near-infrared (NIR) illuminators accumulated in the front light clusters and a sensor in the windshield.

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BMW M3 Concept



Here’s come M3 Concept from BMW with M DCT Drivelogic technology. A perfectly designed car with  iconic finishing.With new magnificent V8 engine this concept car can speed up 0-60mph with in 4.5 seconds. Producing 414 HP with the top speed of 161mph this M3 concept car is faster, smoother & cambric than any other vehicle of it’s edge.M3 Concept retains three different models-E-90 (SEDAN) for executive look,E-92 (COUPE) for jazzy look & finally E-93 (CONVERTIBLE) for ultimate luxury .

An ultimate creation from BMW

Source: World premiere at 2008 Geneva Motor Show

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Future Car Concept

Future Concept

Future Concept

Opel GTC Concept is a uniquely designed car stepped into the automobile world. Exclusively designed wheels are compatible for both normal and tough road conditions. Exciting and amazing upholstery decorations make this piece a perfect guy’s thing.  Powered by 2.8 liter V6 engine combined with turbocharged technology, this elegant motor vehicle ranks one of the best choices. Superb 300HP status causes the car to speed up from 0-60 mph in 6 seconds. This marvel of the car can reach a top speed of 155 mph and this is the divine Opel GTC Concept

So, let’s get started to touch the car of future generation.

Source: World premiere at 2007 Geneva Motor Show

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